Claw of tiger skin chicken is a lot of people like a very fastfood, the photograph is ungual to common chicken for, tiger skin can have a delicious tiger skin outside gallinaceous claw, claw of delicate tiger skin chicken seeing together below is how do.

The practice of claw of tiger skin chicken

Material: Fresh chicken is ungual 1 jin, caraway, ginger, garlic, bittern (bittern can buy) , oil of oily salt, bad news, balm.


1, clean gallinaceous claw, gallinaceous claw is washed clean with clear water, too old skin wants take out. In wanting to put boiling water after the dirty stuff that washs good appearance, iron, clean fishy smell and the thing that wash hard, drop does moisture.

2, in putting bittern to boiler, open big baked wheaten cake, gallinaceous cl

aw is put after bittern is boiling, gallinaceous claw is put in boil 5 minutes. Fire is put out after 5 minutes, claw letting chicken immerses 15 minutes inside bittern. Scoop up gallinaceous claw again after 15 minutes, drop does bittern.

3, oil is put in boiler, oil should have done not have all gallinaceous claw almost talent is enough. Wait for oil slowly after heated, put gallinaceous claw in oily boiler slowly again, slowly scamper, till what become golden look till.

4, gallinaceous claw fish out comes after scamper is good, the drop that put oil works, continue to be put in bittern to immerse next.

5, caraway is washed clean cut year old, ginger washs mincing, garlic clean to do mashed garlic, put even mix, join salt to flavor.

6, the skin of the gallinaceous claw in bittern becomes corrugate form the appearance of tiger skin, cut ungual half-and-half of a chicken, put the agitate in condiment again, put oil of balm, bad news to wait again, do claw of chicken of good tiger skin.

How is the tiger skin of claw of tiger skin chicken made

After gallinaceous claw has been being washed, still be the appearance of original gallinaceous skin. So, gallinaceous skin should put oily bowl inside scamper, only slowly scamper, ability can become golden look, ability can remove all wrinkle, the appearance that forms tiger skin. But must do moisture drop before in scamper, just won't splash too much oil inside oily boiler so. But in scamper when still should have protected oneself, must not be had to be splashed. Can wear the glove, lid that use boiler to hold off, etc.

The nutrient value of claw of tiger skin chicken

The nutrient value of gallinaceous claw is quite high, contain rich calcium to reach collagen albumen character, eat more can bate is hemal. In the meantime, still have hairdressing effect, collagen albumen falls in enzymatic action, what can offer skin cell place to need is transparent qualitative acid, make skin moisture keeps stretch amply, prevent the skin thereby flabby shrivel.

Copper still is contained a lot ofin gallinaceous claw, to blood, central nervous and immune system, the splanchnic development such as hair, skin and skeletal organization and brain and liver, heart and function have main effect.

The quantity of heat of claw of tiger skin chicken

The body of hot measuring tool of gallinaceous claw is every 100 grams 254 kilogram. The quantity of heat that makes clear gallinaceous claw scientificly is relatively other plain boiled pork kind it is taller, the face has the quantity of heat of 254 kilocalorie in every 100 grams, the state-operated in be equivalent to raises a society to recommend common and grown heat to keep healthy be needed to absorb caloric everyday 10% . But the chicken that human body can eat that 100 grams one day not just is ungual, have a meal snacks all needs, such looking the quantity of heat of gallinaceous claw is quite tall, the friend that reduce weight shoulds not be much eat.