Tomato black slices of fish meat is a kind of practice with very common snakeheaded fish, it is cut snakeheaded fish piece later, with tomato soup of a make it, flavour acerbity acid is sweet, very delicious, learn to learn the particular way of tomato black slices of fish meat together below.

The practice of tomato black slices of fish meat

Raw material: Bean curd of fresh snakeheaded fish, squashy tomato, bittern, green, ginger, garlic, caraway.


1, snakeheaded fish goes scale goes fin goes splanchnic go branchial, abluent, drop does moisture, cut becomes chip;

2, with cooking wine, salt and; of pepper souse slices of fish meat

3, bean curd cuts mahjong piece, immerse in the hot water that added


4, ; of tomato stripping and slicing

5, boiler having oil, explode sweet garlic powder and Jiang Mo;

6, issue tomato conflagration stir-fry before stewing to fry, shovel tomato as far as possible with scoop sodden;

7, add hot water to boil;

8, slices of fish meat is in hot water scald, scoop up tomato soup juice, enter bean curd with nowadays, conflagration boils;

9, continue to boil boil 5 minutes, add cooking wine, salt, candy, white pepper and salt to flavor;

10, gourmet powder, chopped green onion and caraway are added before giving boiler.

How is soup of tomato snakeheaded fish done delicious

1. snakeheaded fish uses hot water scald before next boiler, fishy smell of mud of OK and effective purify.

2. tomato is in explode should fry a little while more in sweet oily boiler, red oily talent will be enough, tomato flavour ability will be strong sterling.

The nutrient value of tomato black slices of fish meat

The nutrient value of 1. tomato

Rich vitamin, mineral, carbohydrate, organic acid is contained to reach in tomato a few protein, have promote digest, diuresis, control a variety of bacterium function, have fall fat step-down and the effect that delay consenescence. In the meantime, the tomato red element in tomato is restraining cancer side to having very strong result, include cancer of prostate cancer, breast cancer, rectum to wait.

The nutrient value of 2. snakeheaded fish

18 kinds of protein, adipose, amino acid are contained to wait in snakeheaded fish flesh, the calcium that still contains human body to need, phosphor, iron reachs a variety of vitamin; snakeheaded fish to dispel the wind treats infantile malnutrition due to digestive disturbances or intestinal parasites, fill the effect of detumescence of water of lienal beneficial gas, benefit, snakeheaded fish applies to the body frail, deficiency of vital energy of disease of low albumen blood, taste, hidebound, anaemic person edible, older generation often inspects snakeheaded fish to be precious cordial, in order to urges breast, enrich the blood.

Snakeheaded fish how section

1, whole live snakeheaded fish, go scale, abdomen is abluent.

2, begin to cut steak, fall from the beginning begin to cut. Want to notice the flesh on the back wants to be cut together.

3, 2 steak are cut.

4, the steak that cuts, still have the character on abdomen, even take out.

5, went the snakeheaded fish flesh of bone.

6, bone of one caboodle snakeheaded fish, wait for next boiling a prescription for a medical decoction is used.

7, cut slices of fish meat. Cut first, do not want in the end, cut again. Become entity of a butterfly so. Bit more good-looking.

8, the butterfly slices of fish meat of one chopping block. More good-looking.

9, the piscine skin that cuts is not lost, wait below one case to boil a prescription for a medical decoction, piscine skin has colloid.