Coke chicken wing is together already delicious nourishing cate, it is above table very welcome, when nevertheless a lot of people make coke chicken wing, the gallinaceous wing color that does will be black, not quite good-looking, so how does coke chicken wing make color gift good-looking?

How does coke chicken wing do color good-looking

Want to let coke chicken wing have golden colour and lustre, can choose to contain an egg, perhaps rise person of pink of short flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil wrap the garment. And if oil is lukewarm too tall, the time that perhaps says deepfry is too long, can bring about the darken of coke chicken wing at that time, but if oil is lukewarm too low, or the time of deepfry is insufficient, at that time the color of coke chicken wing is to be able to slant white.

How does coke chicken wing receive juice

Wing of chicken of the coke that make when

be to need to receive juice, at that time we can use medium baking temperature, let coke chicken wing slowly boil sodden, receiving juice naturally is first-rate method, do not need to use conflagration.

The practice of coke chicken wing

Raw material: In gallinaceous wing 6, 8, coke Cola one cannikin, chili pink a few, zi like that a few


1, turn on the water in boiler, wait for next gallinaceous wings after water is burned, gallinaceous wing 7 maturity can, filter does water to reserve

2, oil is put more, explode with chopped green onion and garlic boiler, leave gallinaceous wing, put Zi to be mixed like that chili pink, conflagration, fry scamper, scamper arrives skin summary Jiao Wei is best

3, use ladle to cast aside redundant oil, add coke, add salt and gourmet powder, a bit water does not want to put, wait for coke to be burned quickly when working juice of check and accept of small Guan Xiaoyi of baked wheaten cake

4, burning coke while can cast aside garlic powder and onion powder with ladle.

5, fill finally dish when did not forget to also contain juice together.

The nutrient value of coke chicken wing

Itself of 1. chicken wing contains rich nutrient value, especially content of protein of protein, collagen is rich, these two kinds of material to hemal, skin, splanchnic having very big effect.

The vitamin A that contains a lot ofin 2. chicken wing can promote skeletal growth more.

The adipose content in 3. chicken wing is higher, this kind of material can maintain normal temperature, protecting thereby splanchnic, the absorption of vitamin of sex of stimulative fat dissolve, add full abdomen touch.

Copper coin element still is contained a lot ofin 4. chicken wing, it is a kind of microelement with indispensable body, affecting system of blood, central nervous, immunity, it is so in daily life ought to edible some.