Swimming bladder is rich contain value of a lot of nutrition, can the food with different make it, a lot of people can eat

this, so eat swimming bladder to have what effect, can swimming bladder eat for a long time, will look below.

Eat swimming bladder what to effect there is?

1, hairdressing is raised colour

A variety of vitamins such as vitamin A are contained in swimming bladder, and vitamin to human body freedom radical has certain inhibition, right amount edible swimming bladder can rise to fight anile, hairdressing to raise colour effect, maintain skin delicate luster.

2, compensatory protein

Swimming bladder is one kind is contained a lot offeed capable person proteinly, it is the raw material that human body complement synthesizes protein, and be absorbed easily and use, right amount edible, can complement protein, improve nutrient condition, and accelerate human body metabolism.

3, enrich the blood

Particular iron element is contained in swimming bladder, and iron element is human body hematopoiesis is indispensable, right amount edible swimming bladder, can complement oneself place wants iron content, prevent somewhat to be short of iron sex anaemia.

4, improve the health

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, swimming bladder is a kind nourishing feed capable person, frail to the constitution for the crowd, can improve a constitution, have the effect that improve the health, and a variety of amino acid, protein, vitamin, mineral nurturance waiting for battalion is contained to divide in swimming bladder, can enhance oneself immunity power.

Can swimming bladder eat for a long time?

Below right amount circumstance can eat for a long time. Swimming bladder itself serves as a kind nourishing feed capable person, without any poisonous side-effect, can eating for a long time below right amount circumstance, can not cause an effect to oneself health, but unfavorable and overmuch edible, because the word nutrition composition of nourishing exaggerate cannot be absorbed,be on one hand, still can bring a few influences to the body, because protein of collagen of macromolecule of many living things is contained in swimming bladder,be on the other hand, can increase burden of intestines and stomach, the circumstance of occurrence indigestion, the quantity of swimming bladder of general proposal edible does not exceed 20g.

What person does not suit to eat swimming bladder

1, protein allergy person

Rich high grade protein is contained in swimming bladder, allergic to protein person unfavorable edible, lest appear,local and aglow, Sao itchs wait for unwell symptom.

2, the person that the cold gives out heat

Swimming bladder is a kind of nourishing food, and the person that the cold gives out heat, the body the function of each organ drops somewhat, the food with unfavorable too nourishing edible, cannot very good absorption, return can aggravating symptom, the influence restores.

3, phlegmy wet overweight person

The phlegmy wet overweight crowd such as thick be bored with of be bored with, coating on the tongue is stuck in giddy, limply, mouth, edible swimming bladder has nourishing effect this kind, and those who contain the macromolecule material such as protein feed capable person, can accentuate not only symptom, still can increase burden of intestines and stomach, cause the unwell symptom such as abdominal distension, constipation.

What is swimming bladder

Bony fish kind, great majority has a fish glue. The bulk of swimming bladder seizes the body about 5% the left and right sides. Its appearance has egg circle, conic form, heart form, horse's hoof form to wait a moment. The gas that fills up in swimming bladder basically is oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide, aerobic content is most. So, be in anoxic in the environment, swimming bladder can regard auxiliary respirator as the official, supply oxygen for the fish.

Most bony fish kind have a fish glue, be located in body cavity to carry square chief body small bag on the back, the fish glue is divided commonly for two rooms, embedded oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. The fish glue has canal of a fish glue and esophagus to be interlinked, call larynx fish glue, belong to lower bony fish kind fish glue, be like a carp. Without the fish glue that the fish glue provides, call shut a fish glue, belong to advanced bony fish kind fish glue, be like weever.

Look from the function, except a few fish (like fish of lungfish, total fim) the fish glue has respiration outside, to most fish, the fish glue is the regulator official of proportion of a body, lend the change of the gas inside the fish glue the drift along with help adjustment body.