Everybody should have seen rife nut in the life, so do you understand nut? Small today mak

e up understand together with everybody, eat abalone fruit to have what what notices after all, and what person cannot eat abalone fruit? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

Eat abalone fruit what to what notices there is?

Cleanness should undertake when 1. takes food

Because much oil is contained in abalone fructification, so food should notice to do very clean work, lest abalone fructification grease is touched,the place waits in the dress, sofa.

The unfavorable edible with 2. heavy taste

Abalone fruit taste is heavier, the composition such as additive salt, flavor, saccharin is more, these things are bad to the body, eat morer to fall ill more easily.

Of 3. mildew and rot do not eat

Abalone fructification suffers Huang Qu easily to mould is polluted and become moldy, produce material of a kind of high toxicity - yellow aspergillus toxin, can cause have a fever, vomiting, endanger life even. In addition, yellow aspergillus toxin still has the capacity that cause cancer, this is very harmful to human body organ. Accordingly, cannot eat cankered abalone fruit.

What person cannot eat abalone fruit

3 mix high fat patient

The rich nutrition of abalone fruit can is and the child's high grade foundation, but the fat content of abalone fruit is rich, fat should not be much with 3 tall patients absorb, otherwise the grease of abalone fruit can cause bad effect to human body.

Can abalone fruit pregnant woman eat

Possible, abalone fruit has " the king of nut " appellation, abalone fruit nutrition is rich, divide in nutlet outside containing protein, adipose, carotene, content of E of vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin contains 8 kinds of when human body place needs amino acid in nutlet of very rich also; , among them content of calcic, phosphor, iron also prep above is other nut, suit pregnant woman edible very much.

How should abalone fruit eat

The crust of abalone fruit is adamant, and natural ringent is not much, but after been machine commonly, stay have break, right now need not it is OK also that the tool is bitten with the tooth directly open; If there also is break after treatment, be about when that edible tool of have the aid of, can use the small hammer that breaks walnut, or hickory forceps will be bungled break its case. Those who require an attention is, because the crust of abalone fruit is adamant, to doing not have crannied abalone fruit, do not be bitten with the tooth, lest give a tooth,bring harm. Additional, after eating abalone fruit, must clear away its crust clean, lest hard crust is hurt,arrive person.