When some friends like to do not have a thing very much, do in the home a few delicious, among them a kind of cookie that pumpkin cake suits him to be done in the home very much namely, so when making pumpkin cake, is pumpkin evaporate ripe still thoroughly cook had been compared?

Can boiled pumpkin make pumpkin cake

Do not suggest to make pumpkin cake with boiled pumpkin, flavour will be a lot of poorer.

1. flavour becomes weak

Pumpkin comes through boiling, material meets its starch loss one part, make pumpkin nots allow to become pink changeably, and sweet degree also reduce, fragrance also the loss is relatively severe, the pumpkin cake taste that makes is weaker.

2. water divides grow in quantity

The pumpkin moisture content with ripe evaporate is less, the glutinous ground rice of need is less also, pumpkin flavour is thicker; and the pumpkin that water thoroughlies cook has a lot of moisture content, need many glutinous ground rice to divide water adsorption, pumpkin flavour will be weaker, if do not put many glutinous ground rice, content of the moisture in pumpkin cake is exorbitant, scamper when can splash dot having oil.

The pumpkin of pumpkin cake is evaporate still has been boiled

The comparison of evaporate is good.

Pumpkin cake is a kind of desert that makes for raw material with pumpkin fastfood, right way is pumpkin reentry goes after complete evaporate is ripe next processing, if thoroughly cook pumpkin directly, so moisture grow in quantity, flavour is different also, because pumpkin of this pumpkin cake is not direct,boil.

The practice of pumpkin cake

Raw material: Pink of polished glutinous rice 200 grams of 100 grams, pumpkin, plant is oily 1 spoon of 2 spoon, brown sugar.


1, after putting pumpkin high-pressured boiler to thoroughly cook, press mud to be put in pink of polished glutinous rice, join right amount brown sugar.

2, become pumpkin mud and knead of pink of polished glutinous rice smooth dough next.

3, the hold tight on will big dough is next a small dough, and part knead becomes even small dough.

4, press dough of each pumpkin polished glutinous rice the round cake that presses Cheng Bian to make the same

score with the palm, the side that uses hand general round cake is arranged shape.

5, a plant is oily, put face cake one by one among them, decoct searching an area is ripe can.

Do the little skill of pumpkin cake

1. does pumpkin cake not to need to put yeast, those who need yeast is biscuit, steamed stuffed bun, steamed bread.

2. pumpkin cake had better be used contain starch to measure tall pumpkin, the meeting is more delicious.

When 3. makes pumpkin cake, pumpkin needs evaporate and not be to boil, lest sweet taste is mixed the loss of fragrance.

4. pumpkin cake must have certain humidity to just be met sticky sticky glutinous, pink of polished glutinous rice is added much can bring about pumpkin cake excellent, not delicious.

The state of small cake of a few oily easier strike out or small dose is put in 5. pumpkin cake, so won't sticky hand.