Black chicken broth is the Shang Pin of preserve one's health that a lot of people like very, value of the nutrition after stewing black chicken Shang Zhi very tall, so, how long do we want to stew ability commonly in chicken broth of the home black that stew at ordinary times ripe?

Black chicken broth is stewed how long can ripe

2-3 hour differs.

The stews the time that boil and duration size of black chicken broth and stew boiled vessel to have very big concern, when stewing chicken broth of the black that boil commonly, be with the handleless cup that stew arenaceous perhaps boiler is stewed normally, if be the word that slow fire stews black chicken

broth with the handleless cup that stew, normally need just can be stewed 3 hours if use arenaceous boiler to stew,boil into; , it is to use conflagration boil first commonly, again make down fire, such stewing boil normally need controls ability 2 hours to be stewed. Of black chicken broth stew boil cannot make clear specific time, can stew boiled condition to decide according to black chicken.

It chicken broth of the black that stew puts what burden is good that chicken broth of the black that stew puts what burden

Black chicken broth does not have the apparent contraindication that feed capable person, stewing when boiling, can match all sorts of burden stew together boil:

If 1. feels the fleshy fishy smell of black chicken is too heavy, can add the; such as Jiang Pian, very light blue, cooking wine

If 2. wants to enhance the little taste of black chicken broth, can add the; feeding capable person such as yam, lotus seed, turnip, corn

3. if the body is relatively frail, also can join the medicine such as ginseng, dangshen, angelica, the root of remembranous milk vetch to feed the medicinal material that is the same as a source.

The practice of black chicken broth

Feed capable person: Black chicken 1, chestnut 155 grams, lotus seed 50 grams, medlar 25 grams, red jujube 80 grams, ginger 25 grams.


1, handle chestnut above all, put chestnut into water to boil a few minutes, later OK and relaxed hull.

2, lotus seed, red jujube, medlar is washed clean, jiang Xi has completely flay cuts into shreds or section.

3, black chicken is abluent, chop is agglomerate 3-5 of the scald in putting hot water minute, cast aside clear float foam.

4, in putting black chicken, chestnut, red jujube, lotus seed and medlar arenaceous bowl, right amount clear water is entered later, open Bao!

5, small fire Bao turns after conflagration is boiled 2 hours, put salt to flavor finally can.

The nutrient value of black chicken broth

The melanin with black embedded and rich chicken, protein, 18 kinds of amino acid such as vitamin of B a group of things with common features and 18 kinds of microelement, among them the content of E of nicotinic acid, vitamin, phosphor, iron, Potassium, natrium all prep above is common chicken, cholesterol and adipose content are very low however. Qualitative content of the serum total albumen of black chicken and globulin all apparent prep above is common chicken. Amino acerbity prep above is contained in black chicken common chicken, and the element that contain iron is a lot of taller than common chicken also, so, black chicken is the filling empty fatigue, superior beautiful that raises the body is tasted.