Beef pepper sauce is a lot of people when having a meal cannot provision of little a kind of go with rice, mix with beef pepper sauce the meal is especially other and delicious, let person addiction very easily, so can beef pepper sauce eat every day?

Can beef pepper sauce eat every day

Do not suggest to eat everyday.

Often see rice meal, think dip sauce of pepper of one spoon beef is big big impediment rises, eat beef pepper sauce every day nevertheless bad really, although take the amount that one man nods every time, if if intestines and stomach is bad,passing, stimulation also is pretty is big, do not want to eat beef pepper sauce below the circumstance with hollow perhaps breakfast especially! May someone says, provincial younger sister paper people meet meal has surely hot, family not also all the same body club marvellous Da! Still must read individual constitution, after all beef pepper sauce eats much also do not have what advantage, be in at most when doing not have dish dip a few spoon mix the meal has, although can stomachic, but eating every day also is too capricious! The tube with bad intestines and stomach should notice more.

Did beef pepper sauce take meeting suffer from excessive internal heat

Eat much meeting get angry.

Northern friend may do not have what concept to suffer from excessive internal heat, live in south, winter

moisture is gloomy and cold, summer is burning hot calm, taking suffer from excessive internal heat of sauce of much beef pepper is things then. Thing of blain of long blain of suffer from excessive internal heat is little, guttural gall is bad, cannot talk well repeatedly, also cannot become happily again take money!

Beef pepper sauce how fire of be unable to get something to eat

1. dips in bit of vinegar. Be afraid that hot word can try dip in nod vinegar to eat, can reduce so hot degree, the milk that drink a dot also is Ok, do not drink hot water to perhaps eat warm warm food.

2. distributes icy drink. Icy beverage meets the beef pepper sauce with hot hemp, have bright of kind of hot hot bright instead, perhaps eat watermelon of a few ice again, sweet icy mouthfeel.

3. eats igneous food bit. Can eat flesh of bit of shrimp, duck, balsam pear, towel gourd, can clear internal heat, do not be afraid of suffer from excessive internal heat. Or congee of Bao dot gram or lotus leaf congee is drunk, do not be afraid that long blain blain is about to make an appointment with yo-yo on the weekend.

The practice of beef pepper sauce

1. above all we should prepare dry chili, put dry chili in boiler to be boiled a little while next, about two minutes bell left and right sides can be scooped up. Next Chinese prickly ash, hemp any of several hot spice plants, small fennel, zi like that grain, put in boiler to fry together with dry chili, until fry moisture dry, scoop up again next, it is OK to be pressed into chili pink.

The beef with good our precondition 2. cuts Cheng Ding, oil is put in boiler, wait for earthnut soya bean put in boiler to fry sweet, scoop up next, remember wanting the leather take out of an earthnut, put the earthnut soya bean that has fried in next last in bag, with rolling pole crunch of other perhaps tool treats as reserve.

3. fries the measure of pepper sauce namely next, we should be in boiler put away is oily, will cut good green next paragraph, jiang Pian put explode sweet, play beef man again next, be done by scamper till moisture of bovine diced meat.

When we put 4. into chili pink and bean again, should boil with small fire make, wait when be being boiled almost rejoin soya bean, earthnut, sesame seed salt or white sugar, should be boiled directly according to individual taste sweet OK, cool later it is good to be put into vitreous bottle to install.