Baseball During the All-Star break in Cincinnati, Mike Trout and Todd Frazier are just two boys from New Jersey having a good time.Frazier is the home crowd favorite hoisting the Home Run Derby trophy, while Trout is arguably the best player in baseball and the guy nearly every fan wants to see challenge Frazier in next year’s derby. MORE: The best and worst All-Star visualsThe two have known one another s

ince high school and are now just trying to give high school ballplayers from New Jersey a sense of hope that they can make it to the big leagues from a state not known for its baseball. "We're always trying to put Jersey on the map, obviously," Trout told "I'm pretty good friends with him. Talk to him all the time. Mess around with him. Just knowing that there's some players on the East Coast that can make some impact."Trout is one of the game’s most well-known commodities as the reigning AL MVP, but outside of Cincinnati, Frazier isn’t a household name quite yet. However, Frazier’s dramatic long-ball display Monday night in front of a pro-Frazier crowd will vault the Jersey-born slugger into the mainstream.But if nothing else, Frazier has a fan in Trout."I give him crap all the time," Trout said, "he'll take like a full hack and look stupid and the next pitch he'll hit a home run. I just love the way he plays the game."