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null The most famous White Sox fan in the world says he is now pulling for the Cubs to win the World Series.Yes, President Barack Obama has hopped on the Cubs bandwagon. That's notable, because, earlier this year, when the president joined Twitter (@POTUS, of course), he immediately followed all of Chicago's major sports teams — the White Sox, Bears, Bulls and Blackhawks — except the Cubs. MORE: Historic photos of presidential first pitches | Top 10 Cubs all [email protected] We're big fans of America. Just saying. #YouMissedATeam— Chicago Cubs (@Cubs) May 18, 2015But that's apparently all in the past now. Chicago Tribune reporter Paul Sullivan sent a message to President Obama Wednesday before the Cubs beat the Pirates 4-0 in the NL wild-card game, asking if he would root for the Cubs this postseason. The president responded before the game."With the Sox out, I'll be rooting for the Cubs to win the Series," Obama said via email. "They're due. They've got great young players, and I'm a Maddon fan. That's an official statement."SPECTOR: Postseason picks: Can Cubs fulfill Back to the Future prophecy?The president has donned White Sox apparel for several public events, including the 2005 ALCS and the 2009 All-Star game. No word on whether he'll put on a Cubs jacket or cap as the team marches on in the postseason.And, as of Thursday noon, @POTUS still doesn't follow them on Twitter.