Dearest No-Hitter,Happy birthday to you. You look very good for your age.  It was on this date 141 years ago that the world met you, when Joe Borden of the Philadelphia Athletics held the Chicago White Stockings hitless in a 4-0 win. Your first appearance in professional baseball. You were so cute back then, a neat novelty that seemed worth celebrating. Baseball fans have been in love with you ever since. MORE: Meet the man who has discovered 500 no-hitters You're quite attractive, after all.Just the awareness that you might make an appearance sends a buzz throughout the baseball world, often accompanied by a set of complicated emotions: excitement, hope, nervousness, elation. It's enough to make people lose their minds or, at the least, alter their behavior in hopes of impressing you. Sometimes, news of your appearance turns out to be mere rumor, a disappointing tease of an experience that feels akin to a punch in the gut. Still, everyone loves you.By last count, you've showed up to major league games 295 times, most recently to visit Jake Arrieta of the Chicago Cubs earlier this season (You'd met him before, if you'll recall). Though you've always been willing to make the acquaintance of anyone who tosses the hardball for a living, you have shown affection for some more than others.Your best friend, by all accounts, was one Nolan Ryan, who you visited some seven times across nearly three decades.You also really liked a young southpaw named Sandy Koufax, who was special enough that you hung out with him four times. One of those times you wore your Sunday best and even changed your name to Mr. Perfect, as you've been known to do from time to time when the occasion fits.You've made so many other friends, with famous names — Don Larsen. Randy Johnson. Cy Young — and not-so-famous names — Kent Mercker. Bud Smith. Eric Milton.And with some weird/cool names — Pud Galvin. Cannonball Titcomb. Noodles Hahn.Occasionally, you show up a little disheveled, some might even say sloppy, leaving some to question whether it's really you. (Ask Andy Hawkins for more information.)MORE: No-hitters in 2015But you're always sure to cause a scene.In fact, on three occasions you've felt particularly festive and made a spectacular app

earance on your birthday. The first was on July 28, 1976, when Blue Moon Odom (another cool name) and Francisco Barrios of the White Sox combined to no-hit the A's. Then you did it again on July 28, 1991, when Dennis Martinez of the Expos danced with Mr. Perfect against the Dodgers.Then on July 28, 1994, you threw another birthday bash when Kenny Rogers of the Rangers was your Perfect date against the Angels.Some of your friends, such at Max Scherzer, have been fortunate enough to see you twice in one season, which doesn't exactly seem fair to all your other would-be suitors.MORE: 20 Ks vs. two no-hitters: Which Scherzer feat is more impressive?But as well as we know you, and for all the famous company you've kept, you're still a mystery. Your appearances often feel random. We never know when you'll show up next. We don't know who your newest friend will be. Will it be someone we know you've already met? Or will it be someone we didn't expect you to visit? That beautiful mystery is part of your allure.Thank you for all you've given us, dearest No-Hitter. But — and a thousand pardons, we beg — we want more. We're a selfish bunch. We want to see you as much as possible, in whatever form you choose.Please do not be a stranger.Enjoy your birthday, you wonderful creature.Sincerely,Baseball fans everywhere