8 cit上海花千坊1314y produce Jiangxi big damage c阿拉后花园aused by waterlogging kills serious rainstorm to already sent 7 people to die 7 people are missing

In report will occupy new network on June 25 news of network of official of civil administration bureau, near future of Jiangxi province much ground produces se上海千花网论坛rious torrenti上海龙凤千花1314al rain big damage caused by waterlogging is killed, up to on June 25 8 when statistic, already caused 1.163 million person stricken be hit by a natural adversity, 7 people die, 7 people are missing, nearly 600 buildings collapse. The country decreases calamity appoint, civil administration ministry already started lash-up of national Ⅳ class providing disaster relief to answer, expedite a working group to drive go to disaster area.

The data pursues on June 24, much place of Huang Duan of Wu of scene of churchyard of Hangrui freeway Jiangxi produces coast of body of mud-rock flow, hill to wait for natural disaster, path is current suffocate suffocate. Xia Rui heart / graph

On June 25 9 when 30 minutes, the country decreases calamity appoint, civil administration ministry saves near future of and other places of countryside of Nanchang, Jingdezhen, duckweed, 9 rivers in the light of Jiangxi bi上海花千坊爱上海g damage caused by waterlogging kills serious rainstorm, lash-up of class of Ⅳ of the urgent country that start providing disaster relief is answered, expedite a working group to drive go to disaster area, examine the situation of a disaster, directive place begins work providing disaster relief.

Omit report of civil administration office according to Jiangxi: Up to on June 25 8 when statistic, big damage caused by waterlogging kills the rainstorm since June 21 cause 34 counties of 8 city such as countryside of Jiangxi Nanchang, Jingdezhen, duckweed, 9 rivers (city, area) 1.163 million person is stricken be hit by a natural adversity, 7 people die, 7 people are missing, urgent move finds a place for 204 thousand person, need urgent life deliverance 73 thousand person; Nearly 600 buildings collapse, nearly 2700 different level damage; Crop is stricken be hit by a natural adversity area 68.3 1000 hectare, receive 5.1 1000 hectare absolutely among them; Immediate pecuniary loss 1.47 billion yuan. Jiangxi province decreases calamity appoint, hall of province civil administration on June 爱上海千花网论坛23 19 when urgent start provincial lash-up of class of Ⅳ providing disaster relief is answered, 24 days 13 when will answer grade promotion to come Ⅲ class, arrangement of hall of business province finance saves a class fund providing disaster re上海龙凤1314lief 10 million yuan, wait for allocate and transfer of heavy calamity county to source of long water, Wu from storage facility for reserve purpose of province goods and materials providing disaster relief the goods and materials providing disaster relief such as 3600 beds quilt, towelling coverlet, straw mat. Capital of lash-up of arrangement of the county that repair water providing disaster relief 4 million 上海千花网论坛yuan, source of float bridge, Wu, prosperous and other places extends in time a batch of goods and materials providing disas[......]

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Country上海贵族宝贝sh1314wide student aids financially management center hair to prevent爱上海贵族宝贝自荐shlf1314 cheat remind: All aiding financially do not need beforehand pay cost

According to message of website of Ministry of Education, co上海后花园论坛untrywide student aids financially a management center to release the 5th early-warning reminded 2017, all aiding financially the project 上海千花验证归来all does not ask the student pays any fee beforehand, do not ask to have any operations on ATM machine or net, beware bilk is not duped.

It is season of collection of action of a year of new student. Countrywide student aids financially a management center to warn broad student and parent, in receive admission noti上海千花网论坛ce while, must raise vigilance, not by phone, short message, small letter medium bilk information becloud.

Bilk element often can enrol the around that record season in the new student, pretend to be the door of Ministry of Education, school, staff member such as foundation, with extending fellowship, stipend, education retreats cost to wait for the name, the student that entice and parent are deceived. Be like recently, chongqing city happens to be pretended to be together " classmaster " send the bilk incident that puts student allowance.

Current, china has been built it is dominant with the government, the school enclothes what preschool education teachs to the graduate student to fund policy system with what the society takes an active 上海千花网论坛part in. The baby of the class before learning no matter, still wearing the pupil of red scarf, it is the junior high school that work energeti魔都新茶论坛cally reads no matter survival of unripe, high school is elegance and talent luxuriant undergraduate, should go to school only have economic difficulty, the country can provide proper help, ensure do not allow a student because of domestic economy d上海龙凤419论坛ifficulty unable to go to school.

To the undergraduate, the country aids financially policy to have award上海贵族宝贝论坛 stipend, aid learn loan, difficulty to be versed in accessorially, frequently aid learn and " green passageway " etc aid financially measure, before guaranteeing enter a school, after entering class hour, enter a school need not anxious.

Countrywide student aids financially a management center to release remind say, all aiding financially the project all does not ask the student pays any fee beforehand, do not ask to have any operations on ATM machine or net. Be like those who have similar demand, must not believe, lest be deceived.

(primary problem is: " government of advent of season of collection of new student action: All aiding financially the project does not need beforehand capture is expended " )


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Is beautiful billion cheated case how be to return a responsibility? Beautiful billion cheats exposure of beginning an上海419论坛贵族宝贝d 夜上海论坛end of case incident detail

Beautiful billion cheats case exposure, beautiful be cheated 1 billion case: False president handles official bussiness in true bank acquaintance of hole of fellow student of college of indoor affix one's seal. Last year March, the fraud of an elaborate arrangement, diddle beautiful group 1 billion yuan of capital. This year on June 29, beautiful group responds to the hearsay that encounters fraud of 1 billion yuan of conduct financial transactions formally to say through date of small letter public, the freezer company of beauty of company subordinate Hefei (of Hefei beauty) 1 billion yuan of conduct financial transactions was bought in March 2016 fiducial product, passed in May 2016 inside accuse to be checked daily discover existence bilk risk and report a case to the security authorities for a short while.

False president holiday assures case, false official seal exposes to the sun beautifully the event of 1 billion yuan of false conduct financial transactions that give makes the market amazed again. In incident backside, interior of the accomplishment of agency staff finance of professional work of beautiful respect conduct financial transactions, bank runs the central point that makes market doubt. Of this beauty be cheated 1 billion who should be carried duty? Is this matter exposed again why to go out to plant industry corrupt practice?

I what coordinate your show special cooperate

On June 29, beautiful group releases statement to say on its public date, the freezer company of beauty of company subordinate Hefei (next weighing that Hefei is beautiful) bought 1 billion yuan of conduct financial transactions in March 2016 fiducial product, passed in May 2016 inside accuse to be checked daily discover existence bilk risk and report a case to the security authorities for a short while.

As we have learned, fiducial product has these 1 billion yuan of economy among them 700 million yuan experience case bank is subbranch of a bank of Wu Hou of agricultural bank Chengdu, addi上海千花坊1314tionally 300 million yuan experience case bank is branch of Chongqing bank Guiyang.

And the year bilk that this false president wraps official indoor stamp in true bank makes fun of greatly rear, why I what can beautiful square party have this to coordinate your show special Where is assorted case?

As we have learned, this fools the two focuses person of the case, according to saying it is college fellow student.

It is reported, at the beginning of March 2016, li Mou of beautiful chief of branch of Anhui of group banking center introduces a company to invest the specific requirement of economy business to Nie Mou of its college fellow student, among them the mainest disclose the whole inside story that should have a bank namely; In March the middle ten days of a month, nie Mou recommended the letter in Shanghai to build project of conduct financial transactions of a when cast negotiable securities to invest at hand of manager Wang Mou 700 million yuan of Cheng[......]

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Chongqing city teachs appoint hair announcement: Take strict precautions against " toothpic上海贵族宝贝论坛k crossbow上海419验证归来 " flow into campus

The near future, chongqing evening paper reported " toothpick crossbow " this one new-style上海千花网论坛 toy appears in campus and periphery, have doctor appeal, toothpick crossbow has great and safe hidden trouble, remind parent attention. After the report is released, caused a society great attention.

To ensure the student is safe, a few days ago, chongqing city teachs appoint 上海千花网论坛allot be on guard announcement, make clear aggrandizement measure, take strict precautions against " toothpick crossbow " flow into campus of middle and primary school.

City teachs appoint the resp上海千花网论坛ect puts forward, it is education of aggrandizement student safety. Hold safety to teach special subject conference instantly, requirement school uses thematic squad broadcast of meeting, campus, broadcast the form such as video, to the harm that tells clear toothpick crossbow in school student. To having a holiday student, inform the parent to teach the child through the means such as phone, short message, boycott dangerous toy, prevent " toothpick crossbow " the circumstance that injure a person happens.

2 it is platoon of aggrandizement campus hidden trouble is checked. Value of strict school entrance guard is defended, to taking " toothpick crossbow " those who enter school yard is uniform execute capture. The organization begins special platoon to check, to what capture " toothpick crossbow " execute concentration destroy by melting or burning. Install information supervisor, discover the student is used " toothpick crossbow " behavior undertakes in time reporting, form reject to use " toothpick crossbow " good atmosphere.

3 it is aggrandizement branch ex上海品茶论坛ecutes the law jointly. The relevant function branch such as canal of harmonious and industrial and commercial, public security, city is opposite various education department sale status undertakes the fixed door inn such a最新阿拉上海后花园s shop of school periphe上海龙凤网坛ry small business, stationer, toyshop be checked in the round, persuade its to stop to sell lawfully.

Slow news - bamboo of second of king of reporter of Chongqing evening paper

Original title: City teachs appoint hair announcement: Take strict precautions against " to上海千花网论坛othpick crossbow " flow into campus

[avoid duty statement] upriver news client carries not mark has " origin: Upriver news - Chongqing morning paper " or " the manuscript such as video of the character of upriver news LOGO, watermark, picture, frequency all stalks of grain to reprint. If reprint draft to involve the issue such as copyright, contact with upriver news please.


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Water level of urban district of river of Gu上海千花网后花园angxi willow river exceeds cordon again street into the river public t上海千花网论坛ransportation course halts use

On July 2, village of sanded horn of Liuzhou city gold loses the parking lot of 2 buildings to be wided. Wang Yizhao is photographed

In new network L上海花千坊1314iuzhou on July 2 report (Zhou Xiao male Qian Xiongyao) before dawn will rise on July 2, if rainstorm of Guangxi Liuzhou urban district is noted, upper reaches of river of river of together上海千花网论坛 with willow day after day strong rainfall, bring about Liu Jiang water level answer goes up, to July 2 afternoon 14 constantly, water level of river of willow of Liuzhou urban district answer go up to 83.42 meters, transcend warning line 0.92 meters. Headquarters of fight a drought of local flood prevention starts lash-up of class of Ⅳ of Liuzhou city prevent or control flood to answer. Suffer pluvial effect, public transportation course stops part of Liuzhou urban district to carry or change circuit travel.

On July 1 8 when to on July 2 8 when inside 24 hours, liuzhou urban district all appears with 5 counties strong rainfall process, share 21 villages and towns (area) experience rainstorm, big rainstorm makes a surprise attack, rainfall comes for 50.3 millimeter 130.4 millimeter.

On J夜上海论坛uly 2, the resident that river of Liuzhou city edge takes is busy carry goods and materials. Wang Yizhao is photographed

Suffer strong rainfall effect, 4 hydrometric station such as river of Dou Liujiang of 3 main rivers of Liuzhou city, Gu Yihe, be in harmony second appear super- alarm reach 5.27 meters 0.35 meters. Predicting future 2 to 24 hours inside, reach of reach of county of water of be in harmony of river of be in harmony, urban district of willow city county, Liuzhou will appear super- alarm 0.2 meters come 5.5 meters of floods; Hydrometric station of willow river Liuzhou will be in before dawn will appear on July 3 exceed the flood that 上海千花网论坛alert controls 2 meters; Trunk stream of clear river of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces transcends occurrence the whole line alarm the flood.

Suffer water level to rise influence, the flood is overflowed went up Liuzhou city bank Jiangxi road and on the west bank road, road surface was become almost " inundated area " . New network reporter is in in article benefit either end of a bridge sees, the policeman had pulled cordon in the respect of the dike below either end of a bridge, proposal citizen is circuitous. The dweller room that edge river takes by bubble, carrying 上海千花坊1314an all in busy move. Village of Jin Sha horn loses the parki上海千花网论坛ng lot of 2 buildings to had been wided, about a hundred car had be notted transfer. The business shop that edge river takes all crosses water, partial merchant is clearing with pail birdbath catchment. Be in east the low-lying a section of a highway of annulus road, seeper already had knee deep. 新上海后花园Liuzhou urban district is in bridge opening toward what Li Yong presses down, because seeper is too deep, car cannot pass through.

On July 2, a car is in Liuzhou city bank Jiang Lu by bubble, the citizen is busy g[......]

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Long march 5 " fat 5 " 2 rockets of Yao fly appear unusua上海外菜会所l emissive job suffer上海贵族宝贝论坛s a defeat

[CCTV dispatch: # long march 2 rockets # launchs 5 Yao appear unusual] on July 2 19 when 23 minutes, our co杭州贵族宝贝论坛419untry launchs an organization to carry out 上海千花网论坛long 上海千花网论坛march in spaceflight of Chinese art爱上海贵族宝贝论坛icle prosperous 5 Yao task of 2 rockets flight, rocket flight appears unusual, emissive 上海本地龙凤自荐女task suffers a defeat. Sequel has constituent expert investigating an analysis to b上海龙凤419论坛reakdown reason.

Pertinent information: Long ma千花网论坛约会归来rch 5 fat 2 rockets of 5 Yao blast off enter the space complete video reviews whole journey (use a figure)


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Conduit of one natural gas produces sand of Guizhou fine grand def上海龙凤1314lagrat千花坊约会归来e already caused 8 dead 35 injuries

Guiyang of Xinhua News Agency on July 2 report (reporter Xiang Dingjie, Wang Xinming) 2 days 10 when make, oil natural gas is defeated by sand of grand of tracheal path fi上海贵族宝贝龙凤论坛ne in paragraph, because the near future lasts,strong rainfall causes sides上海千花网论坛lip of edge slope cave in, squeeze conduit transporting gas, cause leak to light explode. Preliminary find out cause 8 people death, 35 people are injured.

Accord上海千花网论坛ing to bulletin of trouble spot headquarters, in the 35 pe新上海龙凤品茶ople that the accident gets hurt, injure 8 people again, danger weighs 4 people, the person that hurt already was sent toward hospital cure.

After accident happening, leader of party card of Guizhou Province, city, county and how inspect, the sources of energy, public security, fire control, me上海千花网论坛dium oil, medical affairs drive quickly toward spot rush to deal with an emergency to come to help. Arrive when distributing news dispatches till, natural gas leak gets controlling, igneous situation already was put out, masses already turned to refuge all round, rel上海龙凤自荐区evant job is undertaking in order. Accident reason still is in further investigat上海花千坊1314ion. (be over)


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夜上海最新论坛Canadian governor wears Wei Johnston to will be visited to 14 days a新上海龙凤品茶t 10 days China

Liu Kang of spokesman of electric Mi上海千花坊1314nistry of Foreign Affairs will上海千花网论坛 announce Beijing of Xinh上海千花网论坛ua News Agency 3 days on上海龙凤阁 July 3: Bo宁波千花网th sides is add上海千花网论坛ed to decide in classics, ca上海千花网论坛nadian governor wears Wei Johnston to will come 14 days to have a visit to China on invitation at 10 days.


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Share bicycle 3Vbike to close down because a larg上海夜网论坛e number of bicycle are stopped to car上海龙凤419论坛ry by pilfer,say

Again one shares bicycle declare to close down, the distance realizes empty bicycle to close down to go 8 days only.

Its author Wu Chenghua also is not valued one sentence again share bicycle mode, spoke probably numerous share bicycle company of 23 echelon formation is curre上海千花网论坛nt embarrassed and but.

Close the reason is actually such.

On June 21, 3Vbike releases announcement to say through public date: As a re上海大龙凤sult of a large number of bicycle by pilfer, 3Vbike shares bicycle to halt use since June 21, 2017, did not retreat the user of cash pledge, apply for refund as soon as possible.

3Vbike will begin to put in the market this year in Feburary, put in the market t上海千花网论坛o include island of emperor of Heibei Baoding, Langfang, the Qin Dynasty, north cropland of Pu of Dai He, Fujian. Public data shows, the operation of 3Vbike just is limited company of Beijing Hua Yaodi science and technology, held water in December 2015, register fund 100 thousand yuan, the legal representative is Wu Chenghua.

Another halt use realize share bicycle to be in for nothing this year January when just just went up line, operation only 5 months. On June 13, realize empty bicycle to issue statement through official small gain, announce formally to exit share bicycle market. Statement still points out, at the beginning of June, realize already established working party of deal with problems arising from an accident for nothing, after undertaking be communicationed adequately with investor, sum returns everything to invest paragraph; to go up to the market the bicycle of keep, already expedited a staff member to undertake reclaiming, reclaim basically already at present end. In the meantime, inside 30 days when have the day that releases in statement, continue to have remaining sum for App account memory (contain deposit) the user deals with refund.

To retreating city, realize Lei Houyi of empty bicycle CEO to basically have 3 reasons to media explanation, it is copartner mode failure above all, look from government-owned net realize empty bicycle to be pushed again raise copartner pattern and rely on this mode gain, but the cooperative person of investment not only little and system capacity is lesser, person of together 阿拉后花园with collaboration supports wait-and-see attitude all the time, bring about realize empty bicycle to do not have a law to begin specific work. It is financing next problem and supply catenary and talent problem.

The data shows, realizing empty bicycle is the product below banner of limited company of science and technology of Chongqing the Warring States, latter is dedicated the Inter上海龙凤419论坛net company at bicycle direction, held water in September 2016, register capital 100 thousand RMB, headquarters is located in Chongqing.

Meanwhile, ofo and rub do obeisance to two tycoons to obtain financing ceaselessly, bilateral not only in cover Chinese market actively, still be in hard outside Xiang Hai the market is outspread. According to " 2017 home[......]

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Hunan上海2020龙凤 releases 4 to involve safety and blank of occupation standard of fill of standard of place o上海后花园论坛f the people's livelihood

The graph is spot of news briefing of standard of Hunan Province place.上海千花网论坛

In new network Changsha on July 4 report (Xiang Yipeng Wang Cheng) supervisory bureau of technology of Hunan Province quality holds a press conference 4 days to announce, this province involves the local standard of the people's livelihood and safe problem 4 times to be released formally.

It is reported, these 4 standards are respectively " safety of quality of layer of ground of playground of school synthesis material is general and normative " , " assessment technique of requirement of disinfection of surface of medical and supersonic probe and effect " , " firework cracker black gunpowder and bring.

Should be the field that enhances student constitution originally, become those who damage child health however " weapon " . In recent years, plastic runway damages the Beijing, Suzhou, school that happens without stannic and other places the student is healthy incident, caused the wide attention of social all circles.

Pursue the business of playground ground material and man-made lawn research and development as a major, industrial group participated in actor coronal directly of standards of afore-mentioned layer of ground of synthetic material playground draft. Be like handsome introducing according to this gr上海贵族宝贝龙凤论坛oup general manager, the window with this the oldest standard is " very strict " , made a provision to 18 material set limit to, include to affect) of the biggest VOC(volatile organic 阿拉后花园compound to human body health among them. "The standard is the chemical performance that provided playground ground layer not only, in its physical function is mixed fight aging behavior to go up to have involve. In its physical function is mixed上海千花网论坛 fight aging behavior to go up to have involve..

The well builds the main component that is municipal infrastructure, the communal and safe incident that causes by i上海贵族宝贝龙凤ts in recent years also happens from time to tome. A few " old GB " , " old travel mark " to the well lid product concerns technology, function, examine wait for a regulation, cannot have satisfied the intelligent well that relies on generation of technology of content couplet net to build administrative demand.

According to " lid of intelligent examination well is general and normative " the Changsha Jin Longzhu of one builds the Fang Zhi that draft Peng Bin of vise general manager of industrial limited company introduces, the intelligence that releases this checks a well to cover a standard, it is to use Internet technology, support through informatization platform, implementation well builds identity identifying, essence to allow fixed position, seasonable early-warning; It still can tie systematic daily record, the effectiveness that to the system each pace operates and security undertake checking, can accomplish backdate inquiry.

"' poisonous playground ' , ' poisonous runway ' , the happening of the incident such as content of caustic of person of wel[......]

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